I decided to learn Vedic meditation with Mathieu Carlot in January of 2013. I had been using the Zen Buddhist ‘Zazen’ meditation method for many years. However, I had never been able to sustain my practice for more than a few months at a time before stopping and then trying again months later. For some reason, once I heard more about Vedic meditation and the mantra, i felt drawn to it. I was one of Mathieu’s first students and on my first day of the course when i was given my mantra and meditated for the first time, I had a very deep and profound meditative experience. The feelings of well-being and alignment were intense. That first meditation left me quite elevated and changed. Mathieu is a patient, knowledgable and gifted teacher. He was able to guide me through this first life-changing meditation and help me with the evolution of my practice. Mathieu’s deep knowledge is paired with a humble manner that makes his teaching all the more profound. He is an expert advocate and teacher of the Vedic world-view, yet he remains humble and extremely relatable. Through my years of practice he has always freely and enthusiastically offered his teachings and his time, helping me grapple with issues in good times and bad. To say I strongly recommend Mathieu as a teacher of Vedic meditation would be an understatement. I often consider my life as pre and post Vedic meditation, the effect on me has been that important. I would un-reservedly recommend Mathieu as a teacher of Vedic mediation to anyone hoping to learn and receive on-going guidance. And I’d be happy to give a first hand personal account to anyone who’d like to contact me to chat further.

Simon Robson - Freelance Director

For years I had been wanting to do a proper meditation course, and not  that I’m short on discipline, but I knew reading a book on it wasn’t going to work for me.  As an active person who has surfed and done a lot of swimming, both forms of active mediation, I was in need of a deeper experience.  I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts and heard many high profile people speak of the difference that meditation had made to their lives and in so many ways – especially increased productivity, something which I have definitely noticed.  Around the same time, I met Mathieu Carlot through a friend and soon learnt that he was a certified Vedic Meditation teacher.  When I struck a tricky patch in my world, Mathieu offered to teach me mediation one-on-one.  I’m usually shocking at decisions, but on this occasion I said “yes” almost immediately and not long after that completed the course with Mathieu.  I cannot speak highly enough of his ability to impart the wisdom behind the practice and for me, it was his practical, generous, kind and non-new age approach that I especially appreciated.  After the course, Mathieu has continued to follow up with me to check in how I’m going with my practice and his door is always open for regular group meditation for students who can make it.

For me it’s a new thing to be spruiking anything really, but here I am and willing to do so.  The difference this practice has made to my world has been significant, and I have not missed a day since I completed the course, which has led me to create my new slogan – Meditation not Medication.   If you’re thinking about giving meditation a whirl, then I’d strongly suggest you contact Mathieu Carlot.

Caroline Pegram, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Mathieu taught me Vedic meditation 6 years ago an I can say that he simply changed my life. I was suffering from anxiety as far as I could remember, had tried many other techniques but nothing managed to cure it, and one day I met Mathieu… this practice did more than a quick fix , it healed me on deep level, gave me the tools to deal with stressful situations and restores me when I need it. Mathieu is a beautiful human soul, yet down to earth and makes the practice simple and easy to access, no fuss just good stuff. I can’t thank Mat enough for turning my life around, he truly is one of a kind.

Christina Nahum - Hair stylist and Salon owner

When I first met Mathieu I had been meditating for over 10 years. By learning Vedic Meditation from him I gained life-changing insights not only on what meditation is but also on how we can bring meditation in our everyday life. This has helped me to work through the last year of my PhD with grace and a positive attitude where before there was fear and anxiety.

Corinna Galliano - University researcher

Going into the first Vedic Meditation session, I expected the stereotypical meditation approach, where you’re  asked to control the mind & thought, even going as far as forcing or even manufacturing positive thoughts.

To my surprise, it was quite the opposite which was very refreshing. We are told to avoid controlling, to let thoughts, whether positive or negative come and go, acknowledging these are part of the process.

Mathieu’s lessons were very informative. Mathieu’s teaching approach made the entire process comfortable and he addressed all my sceptical questions/concerns. He has made himself available for ongoing practice and education, helping me along the journey.

As someone who’s tried other forms of meditation, giving up immediately as it felt too artificial and having to constantly manufacture positivity (i.e. a bad day is just that, no matter how you look at) to meditating twice a day every day, whether at work, home or the beach is testament to Mathieu’s guidance and the practice itself.

K B - Cyber security consultant